President's Corner

CT District Presidents’ Message

What is the District? What do you do? Exchange club members ask these questions often. What the District should do? Is easy to answer.

1. Build new local Exchange Clubs

2. Support and strengthen existing Exchange Clubs.

3. Promote the National Exchange Clubs programs of Service

4. Promote inter Club Fellowship.

How does District plan on doing these four things? That is another good question with an easy answer. With your help.

I am asking every strong Exchange Club to identify a community/ town/ City geographically close to them, where they would like to see an Exchange Club built. That is the first step to building a new Club. District can and will help you every step of the process. To build a new Exchange Club should take 90 days start to finish. District has a budget for new Club Building and wants to spend it building a Club WITH you. National Exchange headquarters has full time paid staff whose job it is to help local clubs build new clubs! We have the resources now lets use them!

If your Club wants help some with membership, PR, training, retention, or just about anything Exchange related, District can and will help. And I mean with money, yes money or expertise, advise, manpower and any other way that we can to support and strengthen you’re Club. Contact your Division Director or me for more details.

District is committed to the Prevention of Child abuse. We are asking all Clubs to support the Exchange Club Parenting Skill Center nearest to you. A show of support can come with your time or a Diaper drive or Holiday gift drive and if at all possible financially. Please contact you Division Director or me if you do not know where your center is located and we will put you in contact with them. There are many needs that you can help meet thru your Club.

District has get-togethers throughout the year. They are a mix of training and fellowship, of fundraising and fellowship or business and fellowship. There are two Salutes every year as well. I am committed to setting time aside at all District events and meetings to allow members to mingle and “exchange” anything they want with other members. Exchange should be three things.

· Fun/fellowship

· Community Service

· Business networking

The Division Directors will be contacting all the Clubs to promote the purpose of District Exchange. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

My email is now pretty cool I know.

Contact Ray Cooke at the District website with any information you want posted.

We “the District” are on Twitter, Facebook, and the web, soon to be on Instagram, Pintrest please follow me on twitter @bsolder I will tweet as I attend events and have notable information. If you follow me I will follow you. Lets get into the 21st century people!

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a visit. Or you can wait until I contact you or maybe I will just show up! I hope to visit all Clubs at least once this year. I work cheap so if you need a extra set of hands at an event please just ask.