Over 300 attend Branford Exchange Club’s Honoring Shoreline Heroes Banquet.

Post date: Sep 28, 2014 1:36:30 PM

Leaders of Branford, Guilford and North Branford, along with Fire Chiefs, Police Chiefs, Commissioners, town officials, and news reporters, attended the Branford Exchange Club’s Banquet Honoring Shoreline Heroes.

6 Firefighters and 6 police Officers were honored. See photo.

In Total there were approximately 325 in attendance.

The Emerald Society Pipe and Drum Band lead in our heroes, and the World Famous Yale Alley Cats (in white tie) sang our national anthem and Golden Slumber to honor our fallen heroes. Third Congressional Congress Woman Rosa DeLauro spoke comments before dinner.

Ms Scarlett Lewis Author and founder of the jesselewischooselove.org foundation was our keynote speaker. Her son Jesse was murdered at Sandy Hook.

Dr Henry Lee added closing remarks.

Three (3) $2,500 defibrillators were donated to the three towns during our program.

Our Club has received many thank you letters including a letter from Ted Kennedy, Jr.

Cindy Harb, our National Vice President along with her husband Robert Harb a past National President, Roger Picard and wife, Bill Solder and wife and Carol-Ann Totte attended.

The Branford Exchange Club celebrated their 65th Anniversary this year.

Below is a link from one of our local web newspapers.


Jack Mushin, Chairman


Judy Stengel

Andonia Dakis

Bruce Newell

Terry McAvoy

Al Mahan