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Post date: Aug 21, 2015 1:24:40 PM

To help uphold Exchange's Mission, inspiring communities to become better places to live, and as a component of the Americanism Program of Service, we have partnered with Veterans Matter, a national nonprofit organization devoted to housing homeless veterans.

Veterans Matter is solely dedicated to providing deposits/first-month-rents for ready, waiting veterans who can use can use HUD-VASH vouchers to cross the threshold into safe, permanent housing. Veterans Matter has a 100% success rate in getting veterans housed in a government program that has a 91% success rate in keeping veterans housed. There are veterans waiting now; so, the urgency is immediate, and we're asking for your help!

Have you ever passed a homeless person on the street and wondered if they were a veteran? Have you ever seen a homeless person holding a sign declaring he/she was a veteran? Has your heart ever ached as you passed by one of these individuals - knowing what you could give would hardly impact his or her situation? Do you know that veterans account for approximately one (1) of every four (4) homeless people living on the streets - streets within the very communities they served to protect? Did you know that it's not only veterans who are homeless, but their children and spouses as well?

The reality that any veteran is homeless, let alone nearly 50,000 of them, is a stain on our nation's honor. But, working together, we can make a difference.

Exchange believes there's no better way to show gratitude for American freedoms than to thank a veteran; and, there's no better way to thank a veteran than by taking care of those left vulnerable by homelessness. That's why Exchange and Veterans Matter are committed to raising the funds needed to get at least 2,000 veterans housed, as fast as possible, at a national average of $750 per deposit.

So, how can you help these American heroes? YOU can help us spread the word, raise funds, and recruit others to join us in kicking off this fundraising campaign! The plan is for Exchange Clubs and communities across the country, to host "11/11@7" rallies (on Veterans Day, at 7 p.m.). These events will be celebrations of veterans and of patriotism. The more support we have, the better our chances of meeting, and even exceeding, our goal.

This event will also be a great opportunity to help Exchange Clubs achieve another goal - raising awareness and building Exchange! Through increased visibility and by developing community partnerships, Exchange Clubs can become even stronger!

So, where will you be on 11/11@7?

Exchange and Veterans Matter have developed many materials to help club's plan their events, as well as recruit community partners to help host the rallies. These materials can be found by logging onto the Member Resources section of Exchange's website, located under the "Current Campaigns" section.

Veterans Matter has also developed a useful fundraising tool to help each club reach its goal. This tool allows clubs to develop "teams" to which donors can contribute. Please click here to begin using this easy fundraising tool.

Additional information about Veterans Matter can be found at http://veteransmatter.org/, including additional access to the planning tools (under the "NEC" tab").

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