Exchange EXCEL Club of Cheshire High School

Post date: Jun 16, 2014 7:08:23 PM

The Exchange EXCEL Club of Cheshire High School, CT, was founded in December 2013. The club has 31 active

members and is sponsored by the Exchange Club of Cheshire, CT.

The club was formed by four club builders in conjunction with the club’s president, Alyssa Romano. Alyssa earned

the December 2013 Just One More Award for recruiting 30 new Exchangites.

This club places a large focus on Exchange’s National Project, the prevention of child abuse. In fact, Alyssa sparked an interest

in her school for an EXCEL Club because of the National Project. “I thought it would be good to bring this

message to the younger generation via the EXCEL Club,” says Alyssa. “This means we will be able to educate younger members

of the community about how to recognize abuse and how to report it, while providing education to all of us.”