District Convention Committee on Nominations

Post date: Dec 30, 2015 9:01:36 PM

District Convention Committee on Nominations

Greetings CT District Exchangites,

I hope everyone in our District had a wonderful Christmas holiday and the new year brings good health, prosperity and good will to all. In less than five months our CT District Convention will be taking place. As we all know elections of CT District Officers and Division Directors will take place at our convention. I, as immediate Past District President, have the duties of chairman of the nominating committee. It is time for all our Division Directors and interested Exchangites to seek out names of members that want to serve our district in an officer or Division Director capacity. We will need nominations for Division Directors. Division 4 currently has no permanent Director. All other Division Directors need to contact me as to whether or not they intend to seek re-election for their respective divisions, or if they want to move up to a District Officer position. All current district officers need to express their desire to stay on or change to another position. We will need a new President Elect and or Vice President.

Time is of the essence and I would like to hear back from all of you ASAP. I will be making personal phone calls if a response is not received in a timely manner. I would encourage all CT District Exchangites to consider seeking an office on the District level, and or, consider nominating someone who you feel would be an asset to the District. Help, support and guidance is only a phone call away to those who have already served. The CT District needs members to step up, and help lead the District into the future.

Respectfully Submitted,

Roger Picard

Immediate Past CT District President

Chairman Nominating Committee

Contact Info: r.picard911@gmail.com or 203-879-3356